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2020-12-18 07:42 pm

Dreamwidth Friending Policy

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This journal is mostly Friends Only.

Comment to be added if I know you from real life or I know you through fandom or some other online community. Don't be offended if it takes a while or i don't recognize you right away. IF YOU DO NOT COMMENT AND JUST FRIEND ME ANYWAYS, DO NOT EXPECT TO BE FRIENDED BACK. I WILL SUSPECT YOU ARE A BOT.

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2011-04-12 09:20 pm

How to Stretch Your Abs and Hips with a Yoga Ball

I just finished editing a video we shot today of my partner stretching out on a yoga ball. This is a "video cheat-sheet" for our clients who can't remember how to stretch.


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2011-04-10 09:26 am

Waiting for Import

I have no idea how long this takes, but whatever. I'm glad to have a place here.